Safety Statements

Select a letter for a list of Safety Statements / Quotes (classified by surname).

Laura : Aproach others and myself to safety because it's a personal value issue, not an obligation.

Jansen L.: Jansen L.: Duty of care to all and to make work areas safe and hazard free where and whenever possible. Do my best at all times with regards to HS&E and welfare site issues and participate in NINA values and rules.

Bang A Foe L.: It's part of my life.

Chris Lacroix: Going home safe and sound and help others do the same.

Guus Lakenman: I will strive to act in the spirit of NINA both in my professional and personal life.

B.M. Lakerveld: To improve feedback on safety for me and the crew I am working with.

Akerlund Lars: Make my workplace safe and lead by example.

Abdiel Lasso: Implementar y poner en practico el programa. Estihular a mis colegas a conocer el programa.

Pattingale Lawrence: To meet my co workers and stay safe.

Olivier Leclerc: Ensure that NINA is also present with my colleagues and they keep it in mind and act it for both our safety.

Walter van Leeckwyck: Zou ik zelf wel willen uitvoeren wat ik anderen opdraag?

Lodder Leen: I will keep NINA alive by talking about it! Discussing with colleagues to improve it.

van Klaver Leendert: Define which incidents are worth reporting and which are not and consequently report them.

Boonstoppel Leo: Anderen het idee achter NINA proberen duidelijk te maken.

Houtekamer Leo: See NINA as a friend but don't loose common sense.

Minnaard Leon: Improve our behavior on safety by discussing and understanding it.

Ruijten Linda: To contribute to a secure, positive and safe work environment for myself and my colleagues, together and with an open mind.

de Boer Linda: NINA bevalt mij goed omdat het kort en krachtig is. Na een half jaar met NINA te hebben gewerkt denk ik dat mijn 'Commitment' op de goede weg is, moet alleen nog meer een gewoonte worden.

de Boer Linde: NINA gaan toepassen in de praktijk en collega's en contractors enthousiast maken.

Vanarwegen Lisa: Take care of others and myself!

Sakidin Lloyd: Werken op een veilige manier en om incidenten en accidenten te voorkomen.

van der Klugt Loek: NINA

Kim Logisse: De drempel voor mezelf verlagen om anderen aan te spreken in verband met veilig werken.

Patrick Longuenille: Een mooi verder - veilig - toekomst.

Groendijk Lonneke: Implement safety in tender stage and use risk assessment for awareness.

van der Loo: Verantwoording wordt bij de werknemer neergelegd, hogerhand mag meer afdwingen dat NINA in werking wordt gesteld.

Densow Lorenz: Das Gespenst NINA beginnt seinen Schrecken zu verlieren. Es ist für uns alle ein Schritt in die richtige Richtung! Ich werde versuchen mein Handeln entsprechend zu ändern.

Dekker Louw: I will lead by example following NINA values. Make sure all employees have the right tools to carry their work out safely and go home every day safely.

Dekker Louw: I will be open for any feedback on safety behavior and do my utmost to make sure that all employees will go home safely every day.

Gerard Lubbinge: I'm committed to embrace and promote NINA actively.

Barratt Lyn: To think, act and do safety in a positive way to effect change in myself and my peers to keep NINA utmost in our daily activities.

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