Training & Workshops

By communicating with our employees, informing and instructing them on NINA-related issues, we are working to implement NINA and create commitment at the same time. The NINA training program has been developed to support this process.

The training program is available at several levels:

NINA Management Training
The NINA Management training gives you insight into the NINA values and backgrounds. The main goal of the training is your personal implementation of the NINA values during your daily work. You will be searching for your opportunities as a ‘safety leader’ and we will find out the best way for you to contribute to improving our safety behavior. This training is about you showing your contribution to a safer working place and your care and responsibility for your colleagues.

Target Group:
The training is developed for all managers (area, regional, project) and captains and 1st engineers (fleet)

Day Program:
The training has an interactive character, where our main goal is to create an open dialog. The focus is on you and your daily practice and the situations you will encounter. As a participant you will commit yourself during the training to the NINA values and rules and will define your concrete actions to start applying NINA in practice.
At the end of the training, together with your project manager and/or SHE-Q facilitator, you will name the realistic steps you can take to further implement NINA.
The Management training is not a training about rules set up by others, but is about a process in which you will learn to stand up for safety, being absolutely convinced that no job is worth it to get injured or even worse.

We advise that you to have visited the NINA website and are curious to hear during the training about your NINA experiences so far. We do invite you to already to start talking to your colleagues about their NINA experiences up to now.

NINA DO-IT Training
The title of this NINA training speaks for itself; to do it are the key words. Being a supervisor you will find out during the DO-IT training what the NINA values exactly mean and how they can be adapted in your daily work. This training is all about you, the daily practice and your contribution to make working with Boskalis safer. It does not only concern your own safety but the safety of all others working with you or for you.

Target Group:
All supervisory personnel on projects, vessels, offices, etc. From superintendent till foremen.

Day Program:
The program consists of different exercises to test the NINA values against examples from your own practice.
For example the positioning game in which your are expected to form your opinion on a number of safety dilemmas. The trainers will give you the opportunity to practice your own safety dilemmas by using examples from your own daily work. Together you are searching for the best approach. Communicating and the dialogue are the main topics.
Together with your (project) manager and/or SHE-Q Facilitator, at the end of the training, you will, name all the realistic steps to be taken.
The DO-IT training is not a training about rules set up by others, but is about a process in which you will learn to stand up for safety, being absolutely convinced that no job is worth it getting injured or even worse.

The best way to prepare yourself for the training is to get acquainted with the NINA concept. Your SHE-Q facilitator and/or (project) manager can give you information and at the Boskalis website there is also a lot of information about NINA. Feel free to talk to your colleagues about their experiences with NINA.

NINA DO-IT Workshop(s)
The DO-IT workshops are all about you getting acquainted with NINA. Trying to find out what the NINA values mean to you and how you can apply them in your daily work. What can you do to make working for Boskalis safer? It concerns your own safety, but also the safety of your colleagues.

Target Group:
For all operational employees of Boskalis.

½ Day Program or short workshops of ca 1 hour:
The program consists of several practical modules to exercise.
You discuss situations out of your own daily practice and will try to find out what the best way is to deal with these situations using NINA in a practical way.
A member of the (project) Management Team will tell you what NINA means to him/her.
You practice giving feedback to and receiving feedback from others about safety.

We advise you to have a look at the NINA website ( Study the NINA values and rules and feel already free to discuss NINA experiences with your colleagues.
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