Safety Statements

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Gediminas : To keep secure confortable work environment and inform about NINA future cadets and employees.

Gido : Value the values.

Owen G.: To adapt NINA values and put them into practice in the working environment.

Doorn G. : Make safety a second nature.

Verheul G.A.: NINA is niet alleen voor jezelf maar ook voor de mensen om je heen.

Ellard van Gasteren: Be aware.

Pelsema Geert: NINA means to me everybody returns home in safeness.

Meijerink Geert Geert: A program that safety isn't your enemy but your friend.

Johan Geertse: NINA has made me confident to 'stop the work' in unsafe situations.

Peter Geertsema: Zo veilig mogelijk te werken.

Abrahamsen Geir: Safety for my colleagues and myself.

Ronald van Gend : Speak more about safety and create an open communication. Make it a topic on the regular team meetings.

Jelken Georg: Ich werde mein möglichstes geben um NINA im Betrieb durchzusetzen.

Moffet George: Break down cultural barriers to make communication work, with this the message of safety will get across to all!

Willekes Gerard: Facilitate safe behavior.

Roest Gerard: To obtain maximum efficiency, maximum safety involvement is required and a must.

McPhee Gerard: Don't leave home without her.

Lubbinge Gerard: I'm committed to embrace and promote NINA actively.

Swan Gerben: For me NINA is a learning process of safe thinking, safe working and managing each other in an open and trustworthy environment in order to reach for the final goal; no injuries, no accidents.

Postma Gerben: To act and not ignore my gut feelings.

Heidekamp Gerbrand: Give and ask for feedback regularly.

Eijkelenboom Gerda: Further development in safety awareness! NINA provides "simple" values and rules to help everyone!

van den Brink Gerrit: Gezonde mensen maken een gezond project.

Verzijl Gert: Veiligheid kent geen tijd.

Brouwer Gert: Meewerken aan de realisatie van bewustwording door de hele organisatie heen inzake risico's en veiligheid voor iedereen.

Rous Gido: Met NINA als hulpmiddel een veilige werkplek te creeren.

Roodenburg Gijs: A matter of a fact!

Clarke Giles: I will be a part of the positive cultural change that will appear during the coming years in the Boskalis world.

Antonio Giuliano: Om zorg te dragen voor de veiligheid van mijn collega's en mijzelf en te bouwen aan duurzame veiligheid binnen een duurzame organisatie.

Arie Goes: Risk & safety awareness.

Bart Goossens: Make people aware that safety/NINA is a mindset and a tool to positive cultural safety behaviour.

Ek Goran: To implement NINA on board Cornelius and get the crew interested and dedicated to NINA safety.

Daan van Gouden: I report all incidents, including near misses to inform others and built on lessons learned.

Eric de Graaf: Recht zo die gaat.

Antony Grande: The values are leading, rules are supportive.

Fitzpatrick Greg: Keep myself and others as safe as possible.

Corrie Grinwis: Altijd blijven nadenken over onze veiligheid.

Gijs Groen: Put effort in self reflection.

Lonneke Groendijk: Implement safety in tender stage and use risk assessment for awareness.

van den Berg Guido: Safety always and everywhere in my mind.

Abend Gunar: Für mich ist es selbstverständlich entsprechend den NINA-Regeln und -Prinzipien zu arbeiten. Die Einführung von NINA unterstütze ich voll.

Maarten van der Gunne: Come to work safe. Work in a safe and good manner. Work in a good and safe team. Take care of its team members. Go home safe.

Plantholz Günter: Ein wichtiger Impuls um eingeschliffene Verfahrensweisen aufzubrechen, bestehende Routine zu beseitigen und allgemeine Lethargie zu durchbrechen.

Lakenman Guus: For me NINA is everybody safe to bed after a working day.

Lakenman Guus: I will strive to act in the spirit of NINA both in my professional and personal life.

Ertrijckx Guy: Outcomes from audits, communicate better to the involved persons what they can do. Lessons learned for the other vessels.

van den Bosch Gerrit Jan: Ik zet veiligheid bovenaan de agenda!

de Jong Gerrit Jan: I will do my best to commit myself and the crew to work as "NINA" as good as I can.

Peters Gert Jan: To join the proces and take the next step for 'safer' project executions.

Gert Jan: I wil help NINA implementing and sharing her values and rules within my influence.

Rodenburg Gert Jan: Implement the process by talking the lead and discuss the feedback with the team.

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