NINA ‘The Experience’ - for teams only

Together with your team, you are working hard to succeed in your work - and that applies to safety too. As a team, you have set ambitious safety goals. So why is this Team Session needed?

NINA 'The Experience' provides valuable support for each team that wants to make NINA a greater success and wishes to work towards a more (or even more) open and mature safety culture. 'The Experience' helps you to ‘synchronise your watches’ again as a team and ensure that momentum is not lost.

Together, you consider 'My role (and therefore the rest of my team's role) according to NINA' and how everyone can contribute to an even better team result. The training session focuses on four key areas: leadership, safety culture, collaboration and feedback. What can you expect from each other? Each of these four areas is covered in different ways and in different degrees during the day, always according to the needs of your team.

What does this involve?
NINA The Experience is a brand-new team session. During a one-day meeting on site you and your team give an extra boost to your safety goals. It is a day full of new insights, practical exercises and time out to reflect. The day adds new knowledge and skills to your NINA toolkit where needed. NINA ‘The Experience’ supports the progress you and your team are already making when it comes to working safely. You therefore build on the initiatives you have already started as a team.

For whom?
NINA ‘The Experience’ is developed for teams and for project teams in particular. Ideally, the entire project team - from the project manager to the foreman - will participate in the training course. Enthusiastic MT teams and departments that want to take a step forwards together are also encouraged to register.
NINA ‘The Experience’ will take place in one language each time, with the main languages being Dutch and English. In consultation with the SHE-Q Representative, the training course can also be provided in other languages.

When and where?
NINA ‘The Experience’ can be organized any time after the NINA Start-up Meeting. As the course consists of several modules, these can be repeated several times (e.g. if there are new staff, or on long projects). The team session takes place on Site or in nearby facilities.

NINA ‘The Experience’ consists of four steps:

Step 1: Intake:
The assigned facilitator wil establish contact with the team. In a number of intake conversations either face-to-face or on the telephone we identify how far your team has progressed and what your team's needs are. The team will receive a pre-assignment in the preparation of the team session.
Step 2: Preparation:
The day before ‘The Experience’ an introduction with the team is held. A part of the introduction is a 360° scan with the team members. the facilitators getting acquainted on Site and will make preparations in the meeting room.
Step 3: Execution:
The training day itself. Key words: Experience & practice, deepen (learn), reflect (what does this mean for me and my team) and the NINA action plan (tightening the NINA targets).
Step 4: Assessment.
The assigned facilitator will make last contact with the team. What has been the effect on the team and results in practice?
Can I register?
Sure! Contact the SHE-Q department or e-mail

Come and join up!

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