Safety Statements

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Husoy Per Erik: Safety First, stop, think & act.

Stuiver Pieter Jan: Ik ben toegankelijk voor mijn collega's om gesprekken over veilig werken aan te gaan en zal zorgdragen voor voldoende support.

McGinlay P. : To inform crew as best as possible on all aspects.

Kolloffel P. : Iedereen gezond weer naar huis.

Houtman P. : Awareness in ALL situations.

van Kollenburg Pascalle: I take action in case of unsafe operations if necessary, I will stop the work.

van Veen Patricia: Better to warn and unsafe colleague / friend than burry them.

Charlene Pattynama: Accept and give feedback on (my) actions either positive of negative.

Datson Paul: To be open to, and give feedback. Make NINA top of the agenda in everything I do. Lead by example.

Steggerda Paul: Ja, ik wil.

Ketly Paul: To be the best I can be by observing and listening to others to inform others and help them achieve the highest standards when necessary to stand up and be counted If I am unhappy with a situation or plan.

van den Horn Paul : Use common sense and better safe than sorry!

Schouwenaar Paul: To know how far we can go. To follow up the NINA rules.

Louer Paul : A mind for safety.

Schipper Paul: Pro-actief naar andermans ervaringen op zoek gaan om hiervan te leren en met elkaar te delen.

van de Weerd Paul: Plan your dive and dive your plan

J. Pereyra Pedro: In this company in all moments and situations.

Miranda Pedro: Comply with the rules and incorporate all the values, improving my confidence to work accordingly.

W. Peijnenburg: To compliment others for safe thinking

Oorschot Peter: Progressive attitude regarding safety issues. Listening to feedback and responding on this.

Hinssen Peter: To make it happen by just "doing" it and showing good example.

van der Voet Peter: Hopefully to bring it over to my crew successfully.

Kuiters Peter: I accept and will give feedback about safety behavior on my projects and will take action in case of unsafe operations.

Zevenbergen Peter: Ik zie, ik vind en ga ervoor (safety), mijn verantwoordelijkheid.

Zimmerman Peter: I will create an environment where my colleague's can safely execute their work.

Börner Peter: Mit NINA unfallfrei arbeiten hilft allen.

Haase Peter: NINA ist ein guter Anfang, die Arbeitssicherheit in Zukunft noch mehr in die alltägliche Arbeit zu integrieren und somit Unfälle zu verhindern.

Rohde Peter: NINA beschreibt die Richtung. Wir sind die Mitarbeiter, die durch unser Verhalten für die Umsetzung sorgen. Jeder ist wichtig!

Janszen Peter: Nina pays off.

Aina Peter: I pledge my commitment to the Values and Rules of NINA in my work operations and relations with others so as to achieve No Injuries and No Accidents.

Tijmes Peter: Being aware of safety, safety means to be aware.

Piek Peter: Participate and make a difference.

Horsmeijer Peter: Iedereen heeft het reacht net zo gezond thuis te komen als toen hij naar het werk ging.

Philippa Peter Peter: To implement and improve safety levels for equipment already in engineering stage.

Boere Peter: Always open and receptive to my team members regarding any safety issues & concerns.

Renkema Peter: Be open to all my colleagues and share my unsafe moments with other people.

Campboll Peter: To be even more aware of my surroundings.

Kuiper Peter: Het stimuleren van het geven van feedback op het werk en tijdens NINA sessies.

van Veen Peter: I cannot control my environment but I can try to make it as safe and controlled as possible for me and my neighbour.

Nynke Peter: NINA is my second name!

Kant Piet: Make sure we understand and adapt.

Starrenburg Piet: Together we can do it!

Spruijt Piet: We do what we can do.

Kuzee Pieter: I would like to support you to embed the NINA values and rules in to you're daily work. Do you allow me?

Brons Pieter: Make safety a first item before the repair items, talk more about it and explain NINA to crews and contractors.

den Ridder Pieter: Personal safety is always the first priority even when this conflicts with commercial interest.

van Vuuren Pieter: NINA is all about the 'why' question and that needs open communication. I commit myself to start this at my project.

Straatsma Pieter: Een nieuwe prikkel t.a.v. veiligheid in samenwerking met personeel en management.

Verbiest Pieter: I commit myself to NINA from now on and forever. I will be specially looking for and be open to feedback.

de Vaal Pieter: NINA will be embedded in my every day activities to impose on myself and promise to give feedback.

Dijkstra Pieter: If I notice an act or situation which is not safe, I will take ownership and act and as a result lead by example!

Boerboom Pieter: I will try to be a rollmodel for the people that work for me, regarding safety on site.

van Hekken Pieter: I will give others feedback on their actions, but I hope that others will give me feedback as well, for which I will be open.

de Jonge Pieter: Be aware of the values and to follow the rules so everyone can get home safe.

Puddo Pietro: Increase the safety for myself and my collegues and reduce damage to the equipment.

Toine van Poppel: Ik accepteer feedback over mijn gedrag over veiligheid en zal dit ook naar anderen uitdragen.

F. Pronk: Ik zet me in voor veilig werk en een veilige werkomgeving.

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