Safety Statements

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Bart : Working on improving the 'mindset' to create safe working environments!

Lakerveld B.M.: To improve feedback on safety for me and the crew I am working with.

Lennart Bakker: Veilig werken, heel thuiskomen!

Mes Barend: To convince my coworkers in 'thinking before doing' so they can go home safe. To work on an open organisation where people can talk about safety issues.

Mulder Barend: Blijf nadenken! Bespreek daarna en voor de voordelen uit.

Hiemstra Bart: Inspire others to become aware of their value.

Pröpper Bart: I will live safety.

Roeleveld Bart: It's about your & my safety, so take care of NINA.

Augustijn Bart: To make the working place a safer place.

Veenstra Bas: Vakmansschap.

Vellekoop Bas: I will embrace NINA as a powerful tool to create a safe and healthy environment for me, my colleague's, my client and all other people involved.

Saenen Bas: Do a good job and go home safely, make sure that others do also.

Bijsterbosch Bas: To show the project that NINA is a 'safe' & effective tool to communicate & achieve goals.

Klein Bas: I will take my responsibility in my part in the implementation of NINA within MNO Vervat.

Meijer Bas: Feel supported by the organisation and don't hesitate to act!

Louise van Beek: I will follow your example.

R. Begemann: Good team building (high and low) makes NINA more easy.

Marc de Belder: Collega's durven wijzen op onveilige situaties.

Mooibroek Ben: To make safety work by ensuring that proper measures are taken.

Feenstra Ben: Continually improve safety, by means of an open discussion.

R. Benders: Creating more room for feedback from the crew, improve safety awareness.

Bezemer Bernard: Discuss NINA/Safety with frequency in office/site offices and on board of equipments.

Jacobs Bernd: Making safety and production a successful match.

Neville Bernie: If I work safe, everyone around me is safe.

Vogelezang Bert: NINA: a fresh new tool for a everlasting subject "safety". That should become a way of life any way any time.

Pol Bert: Working safe, coming home safe.

Schuuring Bert: I work safe as an example to my colleagues.

Jaco Bijl: Bewuster worden van je eigen veiligheid en die van je collega's.

Warman Bill: To adhere to the rules and values of NINA and lead by example.

Frederik Bjorn: I take action.

Vanwalleghem Bjorn: NINA is a way of life, like basic respect and common sence.

Thijs de Blaeij: Take, give, clarify. Responsibility.

Hommes Bob: Ik zal er 100% voor gaan.

de Goede Bob : I commit to NINA to values and rules and I will encourage my team to do the same.

Linde de Boer: NINA gaan toepassen in de praktijk en collega's en contractors enthousiast maken.

Tim Boeykens: Starten met bewust worden van mogelijke gevaren bij mezelf en dichte omgeving.

Toon Bonjer: Veiligheid meenemen in het tender proces!

J.K. van den Bos: I keep thinking!

Baan Boudewijn: To inform people about NINA, accept the values and rules and try my utmost to implement these in my day to day life and work in and around Boskalis.

Putter Bouke: Make NINA for us all aware, create a safe feeling for everybody.

de Vries Bouwe: Create an open minded organization around me for safety.

Erik Braam: Discussion with others regarding safety issues. (positive feedback)

Geluk Bram: Be more aware of safety and learn every day.

Katrien Broeckx: I apporach others about working safely. Therefor I will stop an action to ensure that things can proceed without risks.

Renee Brouwer: Proberen (buitenlandse) collega's bij te brengen om beter op elkaar's veiligheid te letten en elkaar ook op te attenderen.

Arjan van Bruggen: As future PM I want to show leadership by example. For me this means to stimulate people to give and to receive feedback about safety. Also never to pass unsafe situations as supervisor.

Andre Bruins: Veiligheid altijd belangrijk, we willen allemaal veilig naar huis!

Fresel Bruno: Achieving now and on the long term a complete change of mind about safety matters.

H. Bunders: Meer tijd nemen voor veiligheid en er met je crew over praten.

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