Our NINA Impulses

Fox River project

  • Daily meetings
  • Raising self awareness
  • Lead by example
  • Bring a positive attitude
  • Listen to colleagues
  • One team management/workers

Project SAAone

  • Create a safety soundboard
  • Set up a competition for the best safety idea
  • Set up a safety time-out (by SMS)
  • Safety round MT with operating personnel of RWS
  • Increase safety awareness using a safety monitor / Toolbox


  • At first a good preparation before starting the project/work
  • To involve subcontractors & sister companies in NINA ( v. Vliet, Cofra, MNO, Hydronamic)
  • Reducing diffidence and corporate blindness
  • To take/claim time
  • Pre motivate, make appointments and compliance
  • Exemplary behavior (listening and give feedback)

Project: Noordwaard

  • Follow-up NINA workshops with entire workforce
  • Promoting ‘approaching others’
  • Concurrence on interdisciplinary safety measures
  • Continue to involve our stakeholders to our works and safety initatives
  • Follow-up NINA session with Client (RWS)

Project: Safaniyah

  • Effective Communication
  • Effective Risk Management

Project: Statoil Rock Installation

  • Become better!
  • Create mutual understanding
  • Visible management

Project: Wasit

  • Think and communicate before you act
  • Involvement of subcontractors in NINA Programme
  • Increase quality of SHOC reporting

Project: Mombasa Port Development

  • NINA commitment 3rd parties
  • Awareness of cultural differences
  • Shoc cards, 1 per employee per week
  • Shared view on safety
  • Looking at safety together
  • Shared observations
  • Pre job safety planning
  • Success factors: teamwork, commitment, two way communication
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