NINA kick-off Dockwise and Fairmount

The official launch of the Safety Awareness Program: NINA: No Injuries, No Accidents is given within the (former) Dockwise and Fairmount organizations being part of the Offshore Energy Division of Boskalis.

By striking the ships bell twice Frank Verhoeven, member Board Management, launched the NINA programme within Dockwise and Fairmount.

With a picture of his family he showed what NINA is all about: “When your child is too young to go to hockey alone, you bring him, until he is old enough to go by himself. Caring for each other is the essence of NINA. Take care of your own safety and of your colleagues. But NINA is more than that: it brings people together. This is valuable in the process of integration. We ask you all to take action. We will facilitate this with different NINA training sessions, at the office, on the vessels and projects. An intensive programme, with one final objective: ‘No Injuries No Accidents’.”

Frank Verhoeven
Member Board of Management

Kick-off NINA Dockwise and Fairmount

Senior Management session

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