The worldwide implementation of NINA takes many months to complete. During the implementation process, NINA trainings, start-up meetings and site visits are used to present NINA in person.

Extensive trainings sessions and workshop programs currently take place all over the world. All participants receive their own personal safety manual during the program.

The training and workshop program is tailor-made and focuses on several levels of training:

  • NINA Senior Management Training
  • NINA Management Training
  • NINA Do-it Training for Supervisors
  • NINA Do-it Workshop for Operational Personnel

Wordwide start-up meetings are being held in our home markets, both on our projects and aboard our fleet. The objective is to discuss which initiatives to take and instruments and tools to use to make the values and rules a success on each specific project, vessel or work location. Every project has its own specific size, activities and local conditions so instruments can be used flexibly.

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