Start-up Meetings

The NINA Start-up Meeting is a starting point from which a team chooses how it wants to give substance to the NINA Values & Rules with respect to safety awareness and safety on site.

On every vessel, and prior to commencing work on every project or site, a NINA Start-up Meeting is held, in which we establish what the Values & Rules mean for the specific project or site. ‘What’ are we going to do and 'how' are we going to do it here?

Hence, setting a NINA objective and implementing ‘new’ rituals and/or safe operations in support of the set objective(s), whereby the progress periodically is discussed within the team. As systematically reflected in the following picture

The aim is to encourage open communication about safety issues and creating further knowledge, insights and skills with regard to the NINA Safety program on the one hand, and to increase further Safety awareness on the other hand.

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