The objective of the Start-up meeting is to give a concrete answer on what and how to implement the NINA Values & Rules on the project / work locations, by discussing and defining NINA objectives for the project.

During the Start-up Meeting, after a brief period of joint reflection, the team examines and ultimately chooses which NINA goal(s) and new or existing rituals it wants to implement. The team also determines when it will jointly evaluate the progress in this area. As a result, a specific NINA plan of action is drawn up which everyone is asked for their commitment. This serves as the basic ingredient for implementing NINA within the team. As opposed to the focus on the individual in the training courses, the focus of the Start-up meeting is teamwork, from ‘I’ to ‘We’.

As the specific NINA plan of action also impacts the team’s environment, we also welcome the customer and sub-contractors to participate in the Start-up Meeting, allowing them to also be part of the team process. Moreover, to get even more out of the meeting it’ s preferred that the meeting is attended by a MT representative and supported by a SHE-Q facilitator.

To support the proces of the NINA Start-up meeting a Start-up guideline together with a Team Commitment poster has been draw-up to provide a framework for the Start-up meeting, in which the project can prepare themselves for such a meeting.

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