NINA: No Injuries No Accidents

Safety has been a priority within the Boskalis organization for years and this has resulted in a clear improvement of our safety record. To further improve our safety culture and reach our goal of an incident-free working environment, Boskalis has launched the NINA safety program. NINA - No Injuries, No Accidents - sets clear standards and explains what we expect from our people with regard to their safety behavior.

At the heart of the NINA safety program are five core values and five rules. NINA makes people aware of their own responsibility regarding safety and encourages them to take action if operations are unsafe and approach others if they are at risk. Health and safety risks differ from project to project and from location to location, so it is important to have the right tools at hand to assess the risks, take appropriate measures and communicate them to all involved.

NINA is supported by an extensive training and workshop program so that all our employees understand the NINA principles and how to lead by example. NINA is embedded in our organizational systems and managed by leading indicators.

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