• NINA launch at Horizon Geosciences
  • We do it together! Travailler ensemble!
  • Next generation learning as an engine for change: together we know more
  • Safety E-learning boring? You might be pleasantly surprised!
  • What is the real added value of a NINA Workbox?
Early February NINA was formally launched at Horizon in the UAE. During a two-day event, management and employees came together to share their views on safety and set common goals It was the next step in NINA's implementation process which started with an inventory regarding the current safety awareness within Horizon and was followed by a Senior Management training based on the analysis of the inventory. This careful approach revealed a lot of similarities between NINA and Horizon’s own values and everyday practices. NINA definitely got a soft landing within Horizon. (more…)
If Project Manager Frans Thomassen was asked to put one motto on a sign, it would be: ‘We do it together’. At his current project, on the Togo-Benin border, this is called ‘travailler ensemble’. This shows in every detail: from the way the contract was set up to the communication lines with the local community. Report of a project with major challenges. (more…)
Coming home with ten fingers and ten toes. That is what colleagues used to say 25 years ago when asked what safety meant to them. And they are still saying it. Those fingers and toes symbolize what it is all about for them: taking care of each other. What does the younger generation think about that? From day one, they were taught to speak the common language of NINA, while the old guard had to find out for themselves what words to use. How does that affect their views on safety? Where do ‘young’ and ‘old’ meet and where do they differ? And what are they willing and able to learn from each other? (more…)
Christian_Rathkamp NINA is for everyone on our projects. To support that point of view the NINA E-learning is available for both employees and (sub)-contractors as well. Christian Rathkamp, DOCM at Boskalis Hirdes in Hamburg, recently finished it and shares his experiences. “I found it very good, because you did not have to worry about good or wrong answers. You could focus completely on the message.”   (more…)
When CLV Spirit had to wait for the installation of a platform at the Hornsea2 project, Captain Glenn Raes and OCM Arjan Ottink proposed to use this idle time for safety sessions. SHE-Q Advisor Ricardo Guedes came up with the idea to facilitate NINA Workboxes for both marine and project crew. (more…)
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