NINA Rollout at Smit Salvage

On July 16th 2015, Robert-Jan van Acker, Managing Director Smit Salvage kicked off the rollout of NINA in this Business Unit. “The NINA Management Session led to some constructive and informative moments that brought people together. Moments that hopefully you too will also experience during the NINA trainings set to take place after summer. For me, the big advantage of NINA is discussing dilemmas you encounter in your work, and drawing conclusions about what to do next. That demands openness and trust, in an environment where everyone feels free to ask questions. Because they all realize: I am responsible for my own safety, and that of my co-workers. As ambassador for NINA, I’m proud to be an ambassador for that pro-active attitude.
NINA Rollout Smit Salvage

NINA Kick-off Smit Salvage

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