NINA at Work -

Leading by example

How sharing experiences and local role models inspire safety behavior. How do you encourage employees to speak up about safety? We asked colleagues from the MIA (Manila International Airport) project how they work according to NINA and speak up about safety based on their experience and cultural background.

"To address culture and safety, the first step is to understand culture."

Darius MacLiver, SHE-Q Manager, has been involved in the MIA project as SHE-Q Manager since February 2021. "I see a lot of similarities in isolated tough conditions with the Gorgon, Australia project I worked on. Here in Manila, we have also had to gather a workforce of local workers, in a remote area, with limited […]

"In order to proceed safely, we repeat the instructions together and reflect on possible risks."

We speak to Jasper in the office aboard the MV Saga, who is born and raised in General Santos, located on the island of Mindanao (Philippines). He has been working for Boskalis on the MIA project for about 9 months now. "As Local Supervisor - Marine Facilities, I work on the Base 1 Platform. While […]

"It takes time and effort to guide people and to implement the NINA culture."

Benedict (Ben) Arribas, HSS Engineer, has worked for Boskalis since 2014 and has been involved in the MIA project from its inception in 2021. As a Safety Engineer, he has worked successively in the disciplines of Dredging Sand Supply, Dry Earth Movement and Soil improvement package, and is now part of the Marine Fleet Safety […]

"Personally, I like to involve others and actively invite people to speak up."

Samuel Hoganas, Local Supervisor - Marine Facilities, was born and raised in Pangasinan, in northwestern Philippines. Since the fourth quarter of 2022, Samuel has been part of the MIA project as Local Supervisor - Marine Facilities. "A good friend of mine was already working on this project and told me to apply to Boskalis as […]

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