Safety Statements

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Vispoel Fabien: Safety has been a major issue already in many businessess and companies and now recently also within Boskalis. The NINA values as defined by Boskalis are actually fundamentals for our behavior, way of thinking and way of working, in order to improve the safety for myself, colleagues, and also for instance sub-contractors. All this in our different working conditions, verifying from office, to on board, to on site in projects and in new buildings or repair yards. It is not only about taking care of yourself, but also about taking care for others, just as well as for others to take care of you. Important tool for this is feedback, by way of giving and receiving. I commit to the NINA values and will encourage and support colleagues and other employees within my arm reach to do and for doing the same.

Breakspear Feargus: Use NINA in all you do.

Meulenkamp Fedor: Vertrouwen in elkaar, benoemen van safety issues en het toepassen van oplossingen.

Jan de Feijker: Evaluaties.

Hein van Fent: Maximaal uitdragen, samen, bewustwording.

van Slooten Focco: Put more effort in risks & opp. Workshops.

Singosetro Francis: Een ieders verantwoordelijkheid.

van Vliet Frank: I care fore safety! NINA gives me the opportunity to care for our safety! Yours and mine!

Seubring Frank: I will approach others on my project about their way of working and stop them working unsafe.

Taverne Frank: Just do it, I will.

Eeltink Frank: Kritisch naar mezelf en anderen blijven kijken en zorgen dat dit door iedereen aan boord gedragen wordt.

Weston Frank: I commit to engender the values of NINA to the best of my abilities in all areas that I have influence.

Stikkel Frank: To continually promote safety awareness amongst our project staff by setting the examples.

Kloft Frank: Der beste Weg zu NINA – geht über einen selbst!

Duijnhouwer Frank: To be open to feedback and suggestions regarding safety.

Cesar Franken: I will show my commitment by ACTION.

Olsthoorn Frans: To give & receive feedback which results in positive discussion about safety.

de Canne Frans: Ik doe geen concessies aan veiligheid.

Thomassen Frans: NINA with its rules and values should become an integral part in the way we perform business/work so that the real meaning of "safety first" is part of our work ethics.

Mink Frans: Take time, save time.

Dekker Fred: I will welcome NINA as an interesting tool. I will use it.

Sluijs Fred : To stay safe.

Ravelli Frederik Frederik: Altijd laten weten op het moment dat ik zaken onveilig vind als deze zich voordoen.

Steenhuizen Freek: Be the lone nut and take safety to a higher level.

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