Safety Statements

Select a letter for a list of Safety Statements / Quotes (classified by surname).

G. Nagelkerke: Toezien op het in praktijk brengen van NINA.

Huisman Nanne: Beware that everyone is going home safe.

Martin Neil: I will engage with my colleagues in order to realize our NINA values. I will make it my personal goal to embrace these values, and integrate them into my own work routine.

Kalle Nick: Actively promoting a change in mindset of colleagues, clients, subcontractors and suppliers to achieve that NINA becomes a core value of everybody.

Kalle Nick: I will encourage people to speak up it they see unsafe situations, actions, behaviour. I will show my unconditional commitment to support those people.

Nijman Nico: Voor mij is NINA belangrijk omdat we af moeten van het beeld dat veiligheid belangrijk is zolang het maar niet ten koste gaat van de productie. NINA vindt dat we allemaal veilig moeten kunnen werken onder alle omstandigheden, gemakken en ongemakken.

Asjee Niels: Walk the talk in a visible leadership manner being highly interactive with the project team.

de Bruijn Niels: Mensen bewust maken van het doel van NINA.

de Wolf Niko: We step together in a process of change. As a facilitator I help you challenge safety dilemma's. You going home without injuring or accidents is paramount.

Casey Nolan : A very good learning experience.

M. Normann: Be the stone in the pound.

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