Safety Statements

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de Vries D.: The influence of yourself on safety.

Stephenson D.: I am committed to the NINA objectives to make my working environment safer.

Rijbkin D. : Let's do it together!

Coppens D. : Sneller en meer ingrijpen bij onveilige situaties door/bij 3de partijen.

van de Zande Daan: I'm responsible for my own safety and for the advises I give. It's important these advises will improve the safety of my colleagues.

van Gouden Daan: I report all incidents, including near misses to inform others and built on lessons learned.

Vidjai Daergon: To be alert on all going proces in my area. I wish NINA success.

Thomasson Daniel: Toimimalla esimerkkinä ja ragoimalla silloin kun on jotain korjattavaa.

Stolz Daniel: NINA ist im Prinzip eine gute Sache. Wird in Zukunft Bestandteil meiner Arbeit.

Vet Danny : Do it as a team.

Steur Danny: Use the tools and values in a sensible manner to make sure everybody returns home safe after work.

van Zwieten Danny: See, listen and hear before acting.

de Waal Malefijt Danny: We want to move NINA to a better place.

Hum Dariusz: React on every unsafe operation and action on site.

Pelrine Dave: To work safely to ensure to return home each and every day.

McCluskey David: I will try to ensure that I understand the values and implement them within my work for the company.

MacPherson David: Safety doesn't happen by accident. Prepare for the worst but plan for the best.

Inger David: Safety should be an inherent part of our daily operations. I will do my part to assist others to realise this.

C. Davidse: Ten alle tijde PBM's gebruiken.

MacNeil Dawn: NINA ensures my safe arrival home to family each night!

van Spronsen Debby: Compliment others for safe thinking and train people in unsafe situations. Risk and awareness.

Stephanie de Decker: Safety is a feeling. My commitment to NINA is to create a good feeling for everybody.

P. Delys: We zullen het uitproberen! Het is veel belovend.

Erkut Deniz: Be direct!

Erkut Deniz: Be aware and ensure the awareness in your surroundings. Speak up, let people speak to you and share the feedbacks.

Smal Dennis: Een gedragsverandering in veiligheid bij mijzelf en anderen.

van Meerwyk Dennis: Not try and error but think and perform.

Martodikromo Dennis: Rapporteer alle near misses, want het zijn vrije lessen en dit helpt ook anderen.

Cunningham Derek: To make myself a safer person and also all the people I work with.

Schwassmann Detlef: Mehr mit Einander reden trotz sprachlicher Probleme!

Fierens Dick: Veiligheid is van ons allemaal.

van der Plas Dick : Accept the values of NINA. To try to be more serious in reporting near-missers.

van Halsema Diederik: Is that the NINA values and rules will not only contribute to more safety but also will lead to more efficiency.

Klazinga Dieuwertje: Een ander de schuld geven van een onveilige situatie is te makkelijk. De oplossing ligt in je eigen gedrag, en mijn gedrag is een voorbeeld voor een ander.

van Uitert Dirk: Be a leader in safety matters. Never compromise on safety. Create safe and sound working conditions always. Never stop learning, correct and be corrected.

Stok Dirk : To share NINA matters with all concerned.

Boonstoppel Dirk : Implement NINA to others in my working area.

Mallegrom Dirk : Bewust veilig werken voor mezelf en voor anderen!

Zwemmer Dirk-Jan: I will incorporate the NINA values and rules into my daily work so I and my colleagues go home safely every day again.

van den Boom Dirkjan: That we all go home healthy after a job, safely and well done.

Tijmen van Dishoeck: Go safe, stay safe, return safe.

Scarpato Domenico: Because you count!

Gomez Domingo: I promise to work safe and create environment where we take care of each other.

Rowe Don: NINA is a real eye opener - employees count and safety comes first.

Hilbrand Druiven: To actively give feedback on peoples behaviour and promote to others to do the same to me.

Lines Duncan: I will work towards the change in behavior NINA requires.

Makkinga Derk Jan: Ik wil dat aan het eind van de dag, ikzelf, maar ook dat al mijn collega's, veilig en zonder ongelukken weer thuis komen.

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