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Offshore special: NINA reflection session

On July 1, a NINA reflection session was organized for the senior management of Offshore Energy. A delegation from Dockwise also attended. A total of 800 employees have now been trained and 40 NINA start-up meetings have been held. Which aspects are going well? Which aspects need work?

NINA Blog: Pressure on pipes

“’Arjan, we have to maintain pressure over a long distance, and the pressures can reach 30 bar. The question is how can we do so safely using the supplies we keep on site?’

Informative JHA training in Qatar

Sharing information in a JHA is one way to work on safety.

Learning from and with each other

Boskalis is working on a site next to the Dolphinarium in Harderwijk, the Netherlands. Project manager Kees de Boer organized a NINA training course that included staff from the crowded marine mammal park.

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