Offshore special: NINA reflection session

On July 1, a NINA reflection session was organized for the senior management of Offshore Energy.
A delegation from Dockwise also attended. A total of 800 employees have now been trained and 40 NINA start-up meetings have been held. Which aspects are going well? Which aspects need work?

NINA has been well received
By: Frank Verhoeven, Director Boskalis Offshore Energy
“The Offshore Energy organization was and still is going through a period of great change, which made the NINA rollout particularly exciting. Now I can say that NINA has been well received in Offshore, too. However, that doesn't mean we are finished. It's critical that all employees feel supported in their efforts to work safely at all times and senior management has a key part to play in providing that support. For me, this session once again underscored the importance of continuing to talk openly with employees across the world, to continue developing the strategy together.”








By: Bert van der Velden, Commercial Manager Subsea Services
“NINA is a useful overarching theme for grouping together all aspects of our safety awareness. Take our divers, for instance. They have a high-risk profession, which is subject to strict procedures on all fronts. All the divers have an inherently well- developed safety awareness - they know that they are dependent on each other. Thanks to NINA, we all have a 'common language', which promotes safety. NINA fosters a spirit of openness which we benefit from immensely: the evaluation of near-misses can help us improve on our current procedures. We must therefore continue to accommodate NINA in our work, and strengthen our organization to support that process.”

Support from the top
By: Hans Bezuijen, Operations Manager Marine Contracting
"NINA is the first safety program I believe in because it has support from the top. As a captain, you have to make decisions independently, which is only possible with the support of the head office. Tensions between office staff and crews should remain at a healthy level, and not be allowed to escalate into battles. NINA makes it possible to maintain that healthy balance. We see customers who embrace NINA, but also dilemmas when working with subcontractors. I think it’s useful to share these issues. It is also important to address the gap between the office staff and the crews/project staff, which is why we are organizing a reflection session for captains and project managers.”








Atmosphere of safety
By: Sander Bikkers, Director BU Heavy Transport (Dockwise)
“People identify a lot with NINA, even though we have not yet rolled it out. Our initiatives to encourage safe working practices are fully in line with NINA. For example, every vessel has a vessel safety sponsor, who is a senior manager that visits the vessel each year.
Everyone also carries a 'Stop Work Authority' card while on the job. You don’t take out that card for any old reason; you have to have the guts to do it. That's why safety isn't just about measures, but also about creating an atmosphere of safety, in which people feel comfortable expressing themselves. The nice part is that with the Values & Rules, NINA creates a cohesive whole of all of these aspects.”

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