NINA Blog: Pressure on pipes

“’Arjan, we have to maintain pressure over a long distance, and the pressures can reach 30 bar. The question is how can we do so safely using the supplies we keep on site?’

‘Arjan, some of the pipes are extremely corroded. Does the corrosion affect the strength of the pipes? If so, how can we restore them to their normal strength?’

I receive these kinds of questions regularly. Maintaining pressures over increasingly longer distances with higher capacities and at higher pressures has become a trend in the projects. However, not all valves or sections of pipe are made to withstand these conditions, which can cause dangerous situations. People are then faced with a dilemma. Therefore, I recommend investigating the available components in the preliminary phase of a project to find out whether they can be safely used.
In many cases, they will prove to be basically safe, but in need of reinforcement, or they will be declared unfit for use earlier than usual.

We've invested a great deal in learning more about assessing and calculating the effects on the components of a dredging pipe. We also joined forces with DDD to investigate water hammer and the pressure peaks it can cause inside the pipes. We are happy to share this information with you, so don't hesitate to submit your questions!”

By Arjan Tanis, CTD Plant Development

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