Learning from and with each other

Boskalis is working on a site next to the Dolphinarium in Harderwijk, the Netherlands. Project manager Kees de Boer organized a NINA training course that included staff from the crowded marine mammal park.

“We take the same approach to risks”, says Kees. “The animal trainers showed us as much during the NINA day; increasing awareness and preparation are key. All participants got the message; we've noticed that people have become more pro-active. For example, we will be cleaning up soil that could contain explosives.
Although there is a special procedure, employees come to us with their questions anyway on their own initiative. They realize that being well informed is important for their safety.”

Dolphinarium director Martin Foppen, who found the NINA session useful, says, “The Dolphinarium and Boskalis have a very solid working relationship and have now found further common ground in the subject of ‘safety’. It was wonderful to see that we can learn so much from each other: it's extraordinary to see crane operators and dolphin trainers exchanging ideas!”

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