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(Not) flying the NINA flag

"In Egypt we’re constructing the new Suez Canal. Under enormous time pressure hundreds of trucks are coming and going to supply millions of cubic meters of sand, over 100,000 transport movements a day.

Workbox Hands on board the Oranje

Session encourages further discussion and action. The crew of the Oranje participated in the Workbox ‘Hands’. Ship’s master Gerrit Roest: “The session confirms that we work quite safely here.

Learning from an accident

Carpenter Reijer Beets was trapped when he was unloading steel pipes. He sustained a heavily bruised hand and a broken finger. In an evaluation meeting all parties involved could tell their side of the story.

Sharing safety experiences in Dubai

We are involved in three long term projects in Dubai, Qatar and Sudan. All employees and third party contractors were and are enrolled in interactive NINA training sessions, including the NINA Workbox on Hand Safety. But still we see third party contractors, such as crane operators, not complying with our basic safety rules on the […]

Raising awareness in Manila

In April BOMS organized a series of customized NINA management and Do-it training sessions via the Singapore office, for ship’s staff & crew in Manila. Participants found the sessions both enjoyable as well as helpful with regard to raising awareness.

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