Sharing safety experiences in Dubai

We are involved in three long term projects in Dubai, Qatar and Sudan. All employees and third party contractors were and are enrolled in interactive NINA training sessions, including the NINA Workbox on Hand Safety. But still we see third party contractors, such as crane operators, not complying with our basic safety rules on the wearing of PPE.

This ongoing issue is pro-actively engaged by our permanent contract staff and action is taken to inform and educate people. This involves ‘Stop Work’ action on site, feedback to the regional office and follow up with Contractors Management to further enforce the PPE requirements. This way we hope to improve safety awareness. In the NINA Reflection Sessions we have had in April, I’ve learned that sharing experiences is a key element to keep NINA high on the agenda. So we have introduced NINA moments in our weekly meetings and in meetings with the clients. I myself recently shared a personal story about my family members rewiring their house and almost electrocuting themselves. These personal stories stick to your mind. Together with the daily toolboxes, of which NINA is an essential part, they constantly remind us that we are responsible for our own safety. And they motivate us to keep approaching others about working safely.”

Blog by Paul Cottrell, Regional Manager Boskalis Offshore Subsea Services.

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