Raising awareness in Manila

In April BOMS organized a series of customized NINA management and Do-it training sessions via the Singapore office, for ship’s staff & crew in Manila. Participants found the sessions both enjoyable as well as helpful with regard to raising awareness.

Frederick Engallado, Captain Smit Nicobar
“The training opened up our minds regarding safety and the importance of both reporting incidents and listening to the crew. Stating safety is everyone’s responsibility was new to some crewmembers: they were not aware they also can report on safety issues and have the right to stop the work. Safety does not look at ranks. NINA encourages them to speak up. I think this awareness will definitely help us to prevent incidents.”

My NINA moment: “At home I made my five year old son aware he should not play with the working fountain (charged by 220 V) in our garden, because of the risk of being electrocuted. He understood. NINA becomes part of your life. That is what makes the program strong.”

Joel Tanchuan, Chief Engineer (C/E), Asian Hercules III
“When I started working, a C/E told me: ‘Whether it is good or bad what I am doing, all you have to do is follow’. When I became a C/E myself, I decided to do it differently and encourage people to be open, as we can all make mistakes. So the NINA training is fully in line with how I work. With good harmony between crew and officers, working conditions are at their best. Trust is a key thing. If we have a problem I give people time and space to try and solve it. It is good for their self esteem, and if it does not work out like they expected they learn from their mistakes.”

My motto: “It is important to keep the NINA Values and Rules in mind, but even more important to keep them in your heart. It is about the ability to work safe and the
desire to do so.”

Joshua Krishnan, Assistant SHE-Q Manager
“A NINA training is successful when people interact and share their experiences. They only do this if they feel comfortable and at ease. Thanks to the input of the trainers and facilitators, who shared their stories as well, this sure was the case. Everyone was positive about the training, and I am convinced it will change the atmosphere on board. We can all relate to the message of NINA.”

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