Workbox Hands on board the Oranje

Session encourages further discussion and action.

The crew of the Oranje participated in the Workbox ‘Hands’. Ship’s master Gerrit Roest: “The session confirms that we work quite safely here.

The tour of the ship resulted in just one issue: we will examine whether the manually operated emergency stop on equipment in the machine shop can be changed into a foot-operated stop. The tour had positive results as well; housekeeping is in good order for instance. That’s a nice compliment!”

“I think that the Workbox is a powerful tool to promote attention to safety. This way we discussed to what extent someone’s experience plays a part in the risk of an accident. The challenge is to give inexperienced young men work that has a relatively minor impact if something goes wrong. So don’t give them a 5-kilo sledgehammer, but a ball hammer to start with. And provide the right guidance!”

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