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NINA Blog: Get out of there!

“Being a Sandfill master comes naturally to me: as a little boy I was often out with my father, who was also a Sandfill master. After 33 years I still love working all over the world, with people from different cultures. It can be really great, but it also has its problems, such as when […]

Safer Qatari Sandfill site thanks to sand dike in snapback zone

The best ideas are those that make you wonder ‘why didn’t we think of this sooner?’ For example, what about building a sand dike in the snapback zone to absorb the blow in the event that a line does snap?

Race Of The Classics

ROTCYP 2014: a team of 31 young co-workers took part in the Race Of The Classics for Young Professionals. A Nina training course in preparation for the race provided unexpected insights into the team dynamics.

NINA Blog: More involvement thanks to NINA

“This summer, we will be putting a transformer platform in place in the German Bight. The platform will allow network manager TenneT to bring the electricity generated by three wind farms ashore. This HVDC platform is the size of a football field."

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