NINA Blog: More involvement thanks to NINA

“This summer, we will be putting a transformer platform in place in the German Bight. The platform will allow network manager TenneT to bring the electricity generated by three wind farms ashore. This HVDC platform is the size of a football field."

Shared safety objectives
Prior to the operational phase, we held a NINA start-up meeting with the crew and clients Aibel, ABB and TenneT. The meeting was relaxed and constructive and we formulated four shared safety objectives, with 'Communicate!' at the top of the list. We also determined how we would like to achieve those objectives, e.g. by sending out newsletters and issuing about the progress of the project. What you can see is that these actions lead to more commitment: Everyone feels connected. Everyone realizes that we are in this together!

More work, new dilemmas
Phase 1 (pouring the foundation) is complete The Rockpiper carried out this phase with great precision, partly thanks to a new fall pipe system. We were well prepared and with the exception of a cut finger, there were no incidents (in spite of setbacks such as rocks blocking the way). So hats off!
This success was part of the reason why we got more work: towing the platform from Norway, positioning it at destination and installing concrete mattresses. Instead of two ships, we suddenly have nine! However, as a result we are also faced with dilemmas: How do we continue to be successful? How do we organize the coordination between the different ships? How do we ensure the same commitment in this large group?”

Blog by Jens Elzenga, Project Manager DolWin 2

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