NINA at Work -

NINA in Zweden

It’s all very well for a yard to have its paperwork in order, but what happens in practice is much more important. For example, what’s the point in having a certified jetty if the welder hangs off it? The Öresund yard introduced NINA to change the culture – and it has succeeded.

NINA blog: Appreciation

SEach month, a colleague reports on his/her NINA activities. This time, we hear from Project Manager Niels Asjee.

What the crew of the Nordic Giant have to say about NINA

Skipper Jarmo Huotari: “When we had to lift three 100-ton spud poles out of the ship, we first did the risk inventory and then we worked out a lifting plan and informed everyone. Although I’m someone who just wants to get on with things, I recognize the value of this procedure. It makes everything clear […]

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