NINA blog: Appreciation

SEach month, a colleague reports on his/her NINA activities. This time, we hear from Project Manager Niels Asjee.


“In Gorgon we’ve launched several initiatives to show what NINA really means. In the words of Dutch soccer legend Johan Cruijff, ‘You won’t see it until you understand it.’ For example, we have a meeting with our contractors every week to discuss what went well in relation to safety over the previous week. They then take this positive approach into their working environment and reward their own people for exceptional performance and behavior, just as we do in the Safety Recognition Program at project level. This is just one example; NINA is inspiring more and more people working for contractors. When a deck hand makes technical suggestions for improving safety and he sees his boss implementing those suggestions that’s a sign of appreciation. So, too, are compliments given by a subcontractor to a project manager who is able to pass on his passion for working safely to his team, resulting in a better performance from the team. NINA represents a change in culture that starts with you.”

Niels Asjee wonders how Captain Jan van der Kwast approached NINA during the renovation of the Taurus II in Singapore. To find out, read the next edition of NINA At Work. You can also submit your own input to

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