NINA at Work -

My colleagues made me changed my mind

“My first thoughts of NINA? I thought it was competitive against our safety culture within Salvage and that NINA was trying to change it. I was not the only one. There were guys with over twenty years of salvage experience resisting NINA as it felt as if the program was being forced upon us.

Coming soon: NINA Reflection Day

The Senior Management Team at Dredging & Inland Infra (D&II) plans to hold a NINA Reflection Day in early October. The aim of this day is to understand 1) how we experience NINA at all levels of the D&II division, and 2) what we could do to improve it, and how to go about it.

How to interpret NINA

We have come a long way and a lot has changed in our way of working since the introduction of NINA. Everybody within the company knows what NINA stands for, but I often encounter a difference in interpretation of the program.

On the art of working together - safely

Construction of the Veja Mate (Mother of the Wind) wind farm in the German Bight is a vast project. 67 wind turbine foundations are being put in place, consisting of transition pieces and monopiles, the enormous steel pipes that support the turbines. Boskalis, together with Volker Stevin International, is responsible for the entire process, from […]

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