NINA at Work -

Spot the difference!

This summer, it will be two years since the NINA initiative was launched. Can you see the difference NINA has made? Following the introductory period, we have now entered the growth phase as NINA leaves its infancy behind. Of course, far from everything is NINA-proof as yet, but just think back for a moment and […]

NINA Blog: This is Africa!

Each month, a colleague reports on his/her NINA activities. This time, we hear from Ronald Stegenga, who is a Project Manager in Kenya.

Dragging, lashing and hoisting: NINA on the multicat

Multicats do the most dangerous dredging work there is: dragging, lashing, hoisting and pulling. Multicats are compact vessels whose crews have to handle enormous forces, operate large hoisting cranes on the open sea and work with ropes and winches under a huge amount of tension.

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