Working Safe between cyclists and pedestrians

How to ensure safety when cyclists and pedestrians are crossing your worksite on a daily basis? This is the reality for the BAS Dyke Reinforcement project in the south-west of the Netherlands.

Project Manager Carlo Tonnaer: “At the NINA start-up meeting we analysed our safety risks and formulated our NINA objectives together with the entire team, including our Client! The key issue is: open communication on safety. Amongst each other and with local residents. For instance, we are going to invite school children to come and see our work, to make them aware of the size of the machines and how limited the purview of the operator is.”

The NINA objectives of the BAS Dyke Reinforcement Project:
I make safety a set component of all stat ements to local residents. Addressing one another on safe (or unsafe) conduct and performing evaluations each month.

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