Working on Unanimity

In the spring of 2015 I wrote my first blog about DolWin 2, where we are transporting a transformer platform and installing it in the German Bight.

Now that platform is huge! Due to the fact that we got more work from the customer, we deployed more ships (15) and people (500 T-shirts...) than originally thought. And yet we completed the project ahead of schedule, without incidents and to the customer's satisfaction.

This great result is thanks in particular to all the intensive preparation, the early involvement of the ships and good communication between ourselves. The coordination between the ships, each with its own scope, was high on our list of safety objectives. We held several meetings to encourage mutual contact: a NINA Start-up, a NINA Refresher, kick-offs and NINA Work Boxes. Furthermore, we kept all those involved continuously informed of the progress of the entire project, therefore creating an atmosphere of unity. And also an atmosphere in which people look after each other. For instance, a captain told me he was worried about the rest periods. By making the subject open to discussion, it could be resolved. Communication does not stop when the operation is finished. We discussed the lessons learned with the crew of the first demobilized ships immediately on arrival in Rotterdam. We are also going to have closing sessions with the customer and the project team. Sharing information was and is the key. The goal is to deliver safe and high-quality work, where we continue to learn from each other."

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