Taking time for safety together with your team (again). That is the idea behind a NINA Refresher. In January, the specialised department for ‘Raw Materials’ organised a session.

Manager Cors van Poortvliet: “Safety is important for us in practice on the loading quays, as well as in our work as environmental advisors on projects. The NINA Refresher clarified how we handle safety as a team by tightening our NINA objectives. The NINA Impuls mentions safety leadership as one of the spearheads for the next three years. I put project visits on the agenda to keep in touch with people’s ideas and feelings, but leadership goes beyond this: it is about taking your specialised knowledge seriously and communicating your message. A NINA Refresher contributes to the selfconfidence needed for this.”

Kees Mulders, Raw Materials project manager, was pleasantly surprised by the positive approach of the session: “The starting point is that we are going in the right direction. What else do we need for this? In our case: to follow through. If we see something unsafe, we act on it, but if this adjustment does not completely solve the problem we get stuck. From now on, we agree on the result we will be satisfied with beforehand.”

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