We are no longer slaves to routine

We are no longer slaves to routine; people are paying closer attention. Over the coming months, NINA will be rolled out everywhere in the Salvage organization. What is the effect of this in practice? Chris Bos, Salvage Master on the Baltic Ace Project, explains.

"NINA was well received by the group. Or, more accurately, the response was critically positive. My experience is that the NINA training makes people more aware of their own role in working safely. Approaching a job as predictable or routine is a thing of the past: everyone is paying more attention. They're aware that the work can be done in a safer way and how NINA supports them in doing so, and they want to commit to this approach. But they do expect the head office to provide suitable materials with which they can work safely. Thankfully, this is the case and we now have access to better quality equipment than before. And if something does go wrong, it is voiced. For instance, the crew indicated that the boat landing was too short. In the past, they might have also noticed this but would have simply shrugged it off. What I'm seeing now is that they expect such matters to be taken seriously. That awareness will serve us well in the long run."

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