The survey desk has grown enormously. The NINA Experience was the first NINA training they took together, which was good for team building and raising awareness.

“We had no common vision as to how we as a division address the issue of safety”, explains Sjoerd van den Brom, General Manager Survey. “That vision is important because the survey desk acts as an encyclopedia for the 150 surveyors in the field. We want them to report every risk, but they will only do that if
they feel they have our support. If a surveyor reports that he is being put under pressure to walk over loose stones carrying a rucksack full of measuring equipment, we will give him arguments to put to his project manager. Trust is therefore essential. That was a focus point in the NINA Experience.”

“We are now better at recognizing and acknowledging the problems faced by surveyors”, says Ingrid Middelkoop, Coordinator Survey Personnel. Sander Spierings, Survey Operations Manager, is also enthusiastic: “It was a lively and refreshing training session that shed light on new images and aspects of NINA. You get more of a helicopter-view.” Ever since the NINA Experience, every operational meeting has started with the issue of safety and surveyors are actively requested to provide feedback. Sjoerd: “We share NINA time and best practices. That’s how we learn from each other.”

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