Hans Bezuijen, Operations manager at Marine Contracting, shares his NINA moment:
“When we went to Palermo to do a project with Diamond Drilling, everything went wrong with the first lift. The Diamond Drilling riggers went to work without thinking.

They also indicated that they did not have time to take part in the joint NINA Start-up that was scheduled to take place the following morning.

After an internal discussion (‘shall we continue with the start-up or not, shall we do it with or without customer?’) we decided to have a Kick-off and a NINA Start-up anyway. To our great surprise, the following morning Diamond Drilling was in attendance with six men. And they actively contributed to discussions about the implementation and the potential risks of the work. This turnaround was a relief for everyone.
Their project manager let us know that they would also be taking our example elsewhere. This is a wonderful NINA moment for me, which also proves that your own prejudices and judgments about people are not always correct.”

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