Syward van Wijnbergen (28), offshore energy operations
“My experience with safety trainings was that they were mainly about explaining rules, which made you dose off rather quickly. With the NINA training, they present a case, you are asked to choose one side and you talk about it with each other. There is no right or wrong: it’s about creating awareness, so it’s completely different. The training also enabled me to explain to others, for instance clients, what NINA stands for.”

“Which parts of it you are actually going to use in practice strongly depends on the environment, I think. In offshore energy you are much more bound by rules and procedures than in dredging, so there are fewer safety issues. I was on a drilling platform for a month where you needed a permit for everything. There was a procedure for every job. The client we were working for had extremely high safety standards and appreciated NINA, so that was a good match.”

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