Frank van Vliet, Project Manager at Combinatie Tessel
“The start of a job is always exciting, especially on an island like Texel. You can’t work with your usual contractors or suppliers because the travel times are too long, housing is difficult to organise and because you lose public support if you bring in everything from ‘outside’. That is why we have recruited local service providers. However this means dealing with people who aren’t familiar with NINA and who don’t have safety as deeply ingrained as we do.

This raises a dilemma: you don’t want to take bread out of the mouths of the islanders, but never at the expense of safety. This means you have to invest. That is why I found myself giving our new suppliers an introduction to NINA. At first they were a bit distrustful, but we gradually got into an animated discussion about safety. Nice!

It is also nice that we share an office with our client on Texel. We regularly talk about safety at lunch and we learn a lot about each other’s safety culture: what we have in common, and the differences. For instance, we had to explain why, in our organisation, anyone who thinks an operation is not safe can stop the job.

This brings me to the rules and values. Many of our partners and subcontractors have a well thought-out culture when it comes to safety. We see the similarities in the rules. In my opinion, however, the values are what complete the story. This is what I hope to convey in my work, both in what we say and in our actions.”

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