That is not ‘NINA-proof’...

Pieter Verbiest, Fleet Manager Team F:
“That’s not ‘NINA-proof’ is something I get to hear occasionally when there’s a job to be done. And that was when I thought that I was well on the way to understanding NINA."

"So if I ask ‘how come?’ a library of rules is usually pulled out that may or may not have any direct bearing on the subject that isn’t ‘NINA-proof’. I often miss the values in these discussions. And I find it unfortunate, because for me that’s where NINA’s greatest strength lies. Often by asking a few pointed questions, and in the conversation that follows, you get to the real problem. If you know how to link it to one of the many tools, including a JHA (Job Hazardous Analysis), RA (Risk Assessment) or a toolbox, you can quickly take steps. These are really nice ways to reduce your risks, and to make it understandable for everyone. If you don’t look at these tools as if they’re dusty documents, but really use them, you’ll see that it will prompt a discussion that really matters. Plus, it will substantially contribute to safety in the workplace. The remark that something is not ‘NINA-proof’, is a reason for me to start a good discussion, to get to grips with the true root of the problem.”

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