Statoil visits Rockpiper

Client Statoil is impressed with improvements by Rockpiper crew. In Norway, Boskalis (in a joint venture with Tideway) is involved in several long-term rock installation projects for Statoil.

Being a safety conscious and committed company, Statoil management frequently visits the key vessels involved in their projects. Company representative Rob Bakker was part of the delegation that visited the Rockpiper last April. “We are impressed by the progress made since our last visit in 2012. For instance, the storage of chemicals has been improved. Our overall impression of the state of the ship and the way the work is organized and executed is very good.”

Learning and improving
the crew must also be given credit for how it has incorporated the NINA program into its daily work, including by means of SHOC cards. Rob Bakker: “I attended the NINA Refresher session in which we evaluated the NINA goals we set previously. This approach helps keep you focused.”
A pilot is currently underway on board the Rockpiper in which SHOC cards can also be used for reporting quality related issues. Ben Feenstra, SHE-Q engineer at Boskalis Subsea Contracting: “This is another step in the continuous improvement process.”

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