Piet Jan van der Giessen, Fleet Manager
Looking back at the NINA roll out, for me the most exciting thing is how it made us all responsible for our own work. I treasure the open discussions with the crews, the way we deal with dilemmas. But there is still work to do. It is easy to proclaim to be pro safety and to call upon others to act safely. But it is difficult to actually do it yourself. Two examples illustrate my own struggles.

First: using a mobile phone at work. Making a call while driving has the same effect on ones driving capacities as drinking has. Nina made me realize that using the phone in the car is unacceptable. So I stopped doing this. I do not have a car kit any more. However: the urge to answer the phone is not gone. But I don’t take calls while driving.

The second example is using a helmet while biking. Making a helmet mandatory would have a significant impact on safety in Dutch traffic. The Dutch however will never accept such a law. On the other hand: Nina tells me that I am responsible for my own safety. If I make my children wear helmets why shouldn’t I do the same? I can tell you I started to wear the helmet. And it still feels a bit silly. But better silly and safe than stupid and sorry.

My examples are only small steps. But all small steps we take make us go forward. I wish us all the strength and insight to carry on and become the best and safest company in the world!

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