Sharing knowledge at the SHE-Q meeting

What about an app* to report unsafe situations? This is already happening at Boskalis Netherlands. These are the kinds of innovations that are shared at the semi-annual 'Open the Books' meeting, where European SHE-Q Managers meet and talk about the latest developments. Finland was the host in June.

The meeting started with a presentation of figures and trends. Ruud de Craen, SHE-Q Europe Manager: "Since 2011, the number of accidents involving LTIF has reduced by 80%. It is noticeable that many accidents and near misses happen because third parties are present in the work area, such as fishermen and hikers. This is valuable project management information." That's why standardizing systems is a common goal of the SHE-Q Managers. Ruud: "I still can't analyze the SHOC cards we receive because everybody records the information differently. Now we've agreed that we're all going to do it the same way from 2016. That will enable us to get more information out of this aspect well."

Learn from each other
Eetu Pajala, SHE-Q Manager Terramare: "We learn from each other. We ran into the problem that we had no overview of who needed what training. We have learned from colleagues how we can incorporate that information into a clear insightful matrix." This is how 'Open the books' fits in with the NINA culture: be vulnerable and open for help and advice.

* We have also developed similar apps on several other projects. Corporate SHE-Q is following these developments and is exploring the possibilities for the organization as a whole.

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