Safe driving top 3

If you want to reach your destination safely, it’s always a good idea to:
1. be properly rested when you start your journey (‘fit for duty’);
2. prepare properly (allow sufficient time, plan your route before you leave);
3. make sure you can concentrate (in other words, don’t let yourself be distracted by stress, your cell phone or the radio).

These were the findings of a survey of Boskalis Offshore employees (and sub-contractors) in 2011 into the factors that influence how they drive. Car accidents account for a large part of the total number of incidents reported each year. What’s more, a car accident has the potential to inflict serious injuries. “That’s why it’s important to keep focusing on this issue,” says SHE-Q Manager Allard Leertouwer. “To start with, when you’re preparing the project, it’s important to choose the right accommodation with respect to the site’s location. We’re going to use the findings from the questionnaires in project toolbox and start-up meetings and take them into consideration in modifying the generic risk assessment (RBW-513). Most importantly, people need to understand that driving a car is a high-risk activity. In the words of one respondent, ‘Driving is not a time to turn on the music and switch off, but a time to face the music and switch on!’

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