Running bright

How a near-miss with a runner sparked action.

One dark afternoon, Project Engineer Josien Maessen was driving home through heavy traffic from Head Office. All of a sudden, a group of dark figures were crossing the road ahead: the Boskalis runners’ group.

Right in front of her car, one of them had stopped and was checking his watch. “I only saw him at the very last minute!”

"I felt the situation was so unsafe that I shared it in our project meeting. And so our Project Manager Marco Tanis decided to issue the group with safety vests from the Ichthys project.”

Positive reactions

One of the runners, Hydronamic Coastal Engineer Wieger Buijs, is pleased with the vests. “After you start running in summer you don’t notice as it gets gradually darker each time. We were unaware of the risk. With these vests and lights, we feel much safer: people even compliment us in passing on how well lit we are. When I go running outside of work, I now make sure I am highly visible. This has really made me think.” The running group trains every Wednesday with between three and ten people from a variety of disciplines. Their aim: to take on the CPC Run in The Hague on March 6.

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