Pureheart KpeijNINA Workbox Lifting & Hoisting sessions.

Crane Operator Pureheart Kpeji is enthusiastic about the changes the Workbox Session Lifting & Hoisting brought about at NWDM Ijora Yard in Nigeria.

“One action point we agreed upon during the session is to forbid the use of mobile phones during lifting and hoisting jobs, because they distract you. Another action point is to write lift plans for all non-routine jobs, which have to be approved by SHE-Q. So it is both behaviour and procedures we are changing at work since the Workbox session. For me this is all part of the culture of excellence we try to achieve. Not just doing your job, but reaching a high level of safety and quality.”

Team harmony
Reaching a culture of excellence takes more than a signature on an action list. According to Pureheart one of the most important conditions is team harmony. “When there is a sense of community and friendship, you can give colleagues feedback without them becoming angry. NINA helps to achieve this. When I see someone does not take it well I say ‘take 5’; never rude, always polite and friendly, take time to calm down. NINA makes you realise you are individually responsible for your safety and the safety of your colleagues. It helps you to speak the same language.”

Not assume, but know
A dilemma in reaching the goals set is the lack of trained personnel, says Pureheart. “We often have to work with inexperienced lifting Supervisors, inexperienced Riggers. Until more people are trained (which is a goal in itself, ed.) we don’t have any choice but to accept it and look at our own behaviour. What we changed since the Workbox session is: ‘not assume, but know’. Not assume a Rigger understands his job, but know he does. Check, check, double check. We do this more strictly now.”

“Check, check, double check. We do this more strictly now.”

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