New invention ensures safer and better slope settlement.

The people working on the SAAone infrastructure project sometimes work close to the existing roads (including freeways). One major concern is how to ensure the slope between the new route for the road and the current one will settle sufficiently. Planning engineer Cor van Aken: “Containers or big bags filled with sand are often used for the job to provide sufficient weight. But the entire geotechnical and logistical process is time-consuming. Leaching is also possible between the containers with the accompanying risk that sand will wash onto the road.”

The project team – both those in the field and the geotechnicians – joined forces to develop an innovative solution in the form of the container bag. Cor: “After various test bags, we now have a container bag that is strong enough and that we can use to make good geotechnical calculations. The polypropylene bags are easy to transport on and off the site and easy to fill. We can now stack up to four bags on top of one another. For us, this is an efficient, reliable and user-friendly solution that we simply developed in house. A great example of teamwork in action!”

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