Nol van Loon (25), dredging operations
“What strikes me in the NINA training is that it´s about one´s responsibility and starting a conversation. That is what I see in practice as well. When I was working on the JNPT project in Mumbai, we started every meeting with NINA. Initially I thought ‘why would you begin with safety when there are so many other important issues?’ But I quickly found out that it’s not just for show and that everyone shares what has happened.”

“I noticed that it made me much more aware of the risks. And I’m not afraid to take my responsibility. I often went to a yard, for example, where I saw workers doing welding jobs wearing flip-flops and without safety goggles. Should I say something about that, as a visitor? When I asked my supervisor he said I could certainly raise the issue with the men working for us. So that is what I did. And the special thing was that they began confronting other workers about their behaviour. It was a good thing to see.”

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