NINA unifies

In Q2 2012, construction will begin on the A4 motorway (Delft-Schiedam) in the province of Zuid-Holland. In the run-up to the project, the A4All consortium (Boskalis, Heijmans and VolkerWessels) will be busy with preparatory work, which will, of course, include NINA.

“The principal, the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management, and the consortium partners in this joint venture embraced NINA right from the tendering phase,” says Nieke Sterkman, junior process manager bearing partially responsibility for the implementation of the NINA principles in the A4All project. “At first we were concerned that NINA wouldn’t be accepted by the consortium, but in fact the opposite was true: everyone is impressed with NINA’s simplicity and effectiveness. Everyone participating in our various NINA training courses here has been excited to start applying the principles. However, the real challenge will be later, when 800 employees must work on-site at once. But they already know the basics: NINA has helped us to create a culture on A4All in which we can talk openly and honestly about safety.”

Here's what the A4All consortium partners are saying:
According to Piet Neeleman, GWW discipline manager (VolkerWessels)
“Attending to and maintaining a safe working environment is an ongoing process, which is why we are so open to NINA. Everyone is familiar with NINA, because the organization gives it priority and because it is easy to identify with and is promoted energetically. I hope that safe working practices become second nature, so we reach the point that we no longer need NINA, but want to continue using it anyway. Then we will have truly internalized the principles!"
Guido Bons, GWW project supervisor (VolkerWessels) says,
“NINA is everywhere. NINA is clear. We take the time to learn and implement the principles. With all the training offered to staff across the organisation, from on-site workers to project directors, safety is bound to reach a higher level in the A4All project. NINA has real added value: I’m going to promote the NINA Values & Rules within my own operating company.”

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